The Lie(s): 

1. Amama Mbabazi sold land in Temangalo (Wakiso District) for 24 million shs per acre and this was above market price.

2. Amama Mbabazi pressured the NSSF to buy his land in Temangalo.

3. There was a conflict of interest in the sale seeing as Mbabazi was, at the time, Minister of Security.

The Truth: In 2008, Amama Mbabazi sold his land at Temangalo for 24 million shs per acre. The widespread belief that this was above market price is incorrect. This was below the market price at the time which was between 25 and 30 million shs per acre.

The minority report, adopted by Parliament, clearly states there is no evidence of pressure/influence peddling particularly as the allegation of coercion came from David Jamwa, then MD of NSSF, who turned out to be an unreliable witness. The allegations of conflict of interest were similarly dismissed.

View the summary or full report at www.amamambabazi.org/fact-or-fiction.am

ENI (Oil)

The Lie: In 2009 Amama Mbabazi accepted a bribe from Italian oil company ENI S.P.A. in order to help ENI consolidate their interests in Uganda.

The Truth: Amama Mbabazi neither solicited, nor was he offered, a bribe from ENI S.P.A. This allegation rose out of wholly false claims in a wikileaks cable.

Furthermore ENI S.P.A., the biggest Italian oil company in the world, has never operated in Uganda and has never been licensed for oil and gas exploration and production in this country.

View the summary or full report on www.amamambabazi.org/fact-or-fiction.am


The Lie (s):

  1. Amama Mbabazi was involved in the OPM scandal of 2012 that saw officials in the Office of the Prime Minister embezzle donor funds meant for the Peace Recovery and Development Program (PRDP). 
  2. When he was Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi took 600 million shillings from the Peace, Recovery and Development Plan (PRDP) fund in order to purchase a mercedes benz for official use.

The Truth: The Prime Minister himself was not a suspect in the embezzlement of donor funds for PRDP. Convicted of this theft was the former principal accountant in the Office of the Prime Minister Geoffrey Kazinda, as well as others.

Note the following: there is a distinction between the 'Office of the Prime Minister’ (i.e. ‘Office' with an upper-case ‘O') and the executive office of the Prime Minister. The Office of the Prime Minister is a department of government and a multi-layered structure that includes the following ministries: the Government Chief Whip, Disaster Preparedness, Information and National Guidance, Karamoja, General Duties and others.

The executive office of the PM is a separate entity that is 'responsible for the coordination and implementation of government policies across Ministries, departments and other public institutions…' (Article 108 (A) of the Constitution.

Furthermore, in October 2012 British newspaper ‘The Daily Mail’ published an article online with the headline ‘Britain and Ireland suspend aid to Uganda after £10m of funding ends up in prime minister’s account”. Hon. Amama Mbabazi sued the Daily Mail for defamation and won the case in a British court. He was awarded damages and an apology.

With regards to the purchase of the Mercedes Benz, the Prime Minister (or any minister) is never involved in the procurement processes of his/her office. Therefore, Amama Mbabazi could not have had access to the offices’ accounts, let alone been able to divert 600 million shillings from PRDP for the purchase of a mercedes benz.

View the summary or full report on www.amamambabazi.org/fact-or-fiction.am

CHOGM (Tetra)

The Lie(s):

1. Amama Mbabazi was guilty of using his political influence to ensure a $5 million contract would be awarded to Balton Uganda (a telecom company) for the purchase of a Tetra Communication System. Balton would, in turn, provide the government with this system as part of the larger security arrangements for the CHOGM meeting in 2007.

2. Amama Mbabazi stole CHOGM money by raising the cost of the aforementioned Tetra communication system from $3.2 million to $5 million

The Truth: Amama was the Chair of the Security Sub-Committee. This committee was mandated with drawing up a Security Master Plan that would ensure the safety of all heads of state/government, visitors and members of the public before, during and after the CHOGM. There was also a Security Technical Team (comprising the Police, Army, ESO and ISO; and chaired by IGP Kale Kayihura) who recommended the procurement of the Tetra system. This procurement process was then carried out by the ICT Ministry. 

Therefore, he could not have played any part in awarding Balton Uganda the aforementioned contract.

Regarding the cost of the Tetra system, to quote the report made by Parliament, “Hon. Amama Mbabazi did not at any one time negotiate for the price of the system because he was not part of the procuring entity.”

View the summary or full report on www.amamambabazi.org/fact-or-fiction.am

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