Amama Mbabazi Development Foundation

The Amama Mbabazi Development Foundation was established on 6th March, 2008 under the Company Act CAP 110 as amended by the non governmental organizations registrations ACT No25/2006. It is incorporated as a company limited by guarantee and without share capital as well as a not for profit organization.

Its mandate is;

·         To mobilize and organize the members of Kinkiizi County, Kanungu district and Uganda as a whole in the struggle against under development and to establish and support or aid in the establishment of development projects and a fund for advancement of education, the furtherance of Health and relief of poverty, distress and sickness;

·         To establish a forum through which members can identify problems in and affecting the development of Kinkiizi West Constituency in particular and Kanungu district and Uganda in general, and find solutions for them;

·         To establish and carry on in Kinkiizi West Constituency, Kanungu District and any other part of Uganda institutions and schools at or by means which students may obtain education, skills and instruction in life skills and all subjects whatsoever that may be included in a commercial, technical, scientific or academic education or may be conducive to knowledge of or skills in any trade, pursuit or calling;

·         To found scholarships and exhibitions and to give prizes, certificates and diplomas to persons who are or have been students instructed by or by the direction of the foundation;

·         Among other things.

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